Fruitful Summer

This summer, the ACBC youth group had the opportunity to do a lot of different things.  Of course, we did some very fun things, such as a trip to Fiesta Texas, a dodgeball tournament, slip and slide kickball, and many other enjoyable games that united us further in fellowship.  We also went to two camps, one with our Junior High group and one with our High School group.  Walls were broken and young adults grew closer to God.  We have some new friends that are a part of our youth group now as a result of all the great stuff we did. 

It is also a bittersweet time as we welcomed new students into our ministry, but also move our graduating seniors on to other endeavors.  Our Mission trip to New Orleans also accomplished a lot, not just in the hundreds of people who were witnessed to (some of whom made professions of faith), but in the hearts of Autumn Creek’s young adults as well.  Summer definitely contains a wide range of emotions in youth ministry. 

As we wind down summer and gear up for the coming school year, I cannot help but be appreciative of the many people that made our youths’ summer awesome.  Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your tithes that paid for our mission trip.  Thanks to the parents who allow us to be a part of their children’s spiritual development.  Thank you to the volunteers that gave up time with their families and took off time from work to love our young adults.  And thanks to the young adults who continually seek to become more like God by submitting themselves to discipleship and reaching out to their friends with the Gospel.  Thank you for being a part of something that glorifies God.  Here’s to an even more fruitful and God glorifying summer next year.

-Jonathan Swirsky